In order to preserve the black patina in the engraving of your SERGE THORAVAL jewel for as long as possible, carefully avoid putting it under water during the first weeks you wear it.

When left untreated, the precious metal acquires a patina over time. The color of your SERGE THORAVAL jewel can therefore change, depending on the acidity of your skin, as it is used, depending on atmospheric conditions. You will certainly appreciate this patina, but if you want to give your model a "new" look, repolish its surface or restore its original shine, you can use different techniques:

  • Use a cloth for precious metals (soft cloth soaked in a mild product)
  • Use a suitable product to soak a sponge or cloth then clean, rinse thoroughly, all carefully avoiding erasing the patina in the engraving, then wipe dry.


Send us your object for a complete polishing / brushing in our workshops.

The shape of an object worn can also evolve according to the morphology of your wrist or your finger. If you want to get it back in shape, you can send it to us at the showroom or write to us on the address

Each request for after-sales service from SERGE THORAVAL will be subject to an estimate.